Scavi Tour Added!

The Vatican Scavi Tour has been added as a Special add-on tour to our tour package.  Cost for this Scavi tour is additional and must be purchased in advance. Contact Howard for more details. 682-365-6369.

The special tour goes through the excavations below Saint Peter’s Basilica is one of the most exclusive tours in all of Rome. Only 250 people are allowed through each day – compare that to the 30,000 that visit the Vatican Museums! Howard was able to secure 12 slots on the day will be visiting the Vatican.  Only 12 tickets available to us! First come 1st serve.

  •  In order to preserve this exceptional historical, archaeological site and due to the limited premises around the venerated tomb of the Apostle Peter, limited visitors per day are permitted to enter.
  •  Only those who are 15 years or older will be admitted – no exceptions will be made.
  •  Appropriate dress is required. No shorts. No short skirts. Shoulders covered. Even in the summer heat, don’t risk it.
  • No large bags. Normal sized backpacks and purses will go through security screening, but are allowed usually.
  • Once inside, no photos are allowed.
  • It is warm and cramped in the Scavi. If you are claustrophobic, well, you should visit anyway. Just know it might be a bit uncomfortable.
  • Each group is accompanied by a guide.
    The guided visit lasts about an hour and a half. 

We kindly inform all visitors to the necropolis to understand the conditions will be different underground, with possible increase of temperature and humidity. Those who suffer specific and serious physical problems, including claustrophobia, should not visit. Contact Howard for more details to access the payment portal. 682-365-6369.