Affordable Faith-Based Travel with Liberty Bank + SPCP

Affordable travel with liberty bank

Financing options for your trip with SPCP are available through Liberty Bank, in New Orleans. 

In 1972, Liberty Bank was chartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a focus on service, integrity and a sincere interest in community and business development. Four Decades later, Liberty Bank continues to offer their premier service!

As a friend to St. Peter Claver Pilgrimage, Liberty Bank is offering favorable financing of this once in a lifetime trip for participants who qualify.  Liberty Bank wants to work with travelers to get them on their way!


Tips to Finance your Next Trip


Personal Loans

Loans are a useful option to consider to fund that once in lifetime family trip or international pilgrimage. When borrowing consider a personal loan  rather than financing payment through a credit card. Personal loans carry a substantially lower interest rate.  Only use a credit card (any credit card) when you intend to pay-off the balance in full and without finance charges. Compare the Average credit card interest rates: Week of October 28, 2020 average APR on new credit cards is 15.97%. 

Consider using a Liberty Bank personal loan for your travel.  Personal loans are subject to credit approvals. Contact Ms. JoAnn Smith at and mention our special pilgrimage terms for the Knights of Peter Claver Family.   Contast us through our website or directly at Liberty Bank to learn more.

Credit Cards

Additionally, a personal loan will allow you to have more purchasing power to use your credit card while on the trip and vacation as well as for unexpected expenses. NOTE: Be sure to bring a credit card that does not charge international fees. A foreign transaction fee, or international transaction fee, is a 2-4% surcharge that roughly 90% of credit cards tack onto transactions processed outside of the United States.   The answer, of course, is to make sure you have a no foreign transaction fee credit card in your wallet.

Be sure to ask our agent about our financing options.